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    It’s 2021 and if you’re like me, you are just glad you survived 2020! But for those of you who like to make resolutions, here are ideas – whether you are already a gardener or you are someone who needs to start gardening! Spend more time outside! Make your yard inviting so you will want to spend time out there. Create unique spaces for sitting and relaxing, dining, playing, growing, and working on your hobbies. Add evergreens to screen out neighbors, add privacy, and separate the areas. Hang boxes on your windows, deck railings, or from fences for extra color and greenery. Whether or not social distancing is necessary this…

  • Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden This Month of December
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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in December

    1. PLANT As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can feel free to still plant perennials, shrubs, and trees. Most of them are dormant and have very little water requirements right now, making it an easy time to plant. Protect any fragile plants by covering with burlap or extra mulch. We still have plenty of pine straw mulch available here. 2. PRUNE Prune and reshape evergreen trees and shrubs as well as dormant deciduous trees. Anything you haven’t gotten around to cutting back or cleaning up from last month can still be done this month. If you can, hold off on cutting back perennials with seeds that birds might…

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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in October

    October is my favorite month. It’s the best. The annoying bugs go away, leaves begin to change color, humidity abates, and pumpkins abound. You can stop mowing the lawn very soon. You get to open the windows and let the fresh fall air in. If the air is chilly, you can put on a sweater and sit by a fire. What could be better? It is also, hands down, the best time to plant. It just makes sense: the air is cooler; the soil is still warm. Trees, shrubs, perennials, turf grass, you name it, you can plant it in October (well, not warm weather annuals, but you get the…

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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in September

    September is the beginning of meteorological autumn and time to start thinking about apples, school, and pumpkin-spiced everything. So far the weather seems cooperative enough and the days will get shorter, cooler, and crisper. Here are five things you can knock out in the garden while the weather is pleasant this September: 1. Plant fall veggies. Leafy greens will love the cooler weather. In the right sunny spot, greens can produce even in winter.  Once your summer vegetable garden finishes up, clear it out and send it to the compost pile.  2. Control weeds. Fall annuals like chickweed will be popping up now. Pull them out and mulch or use…

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    It’s July and the heat is on!  You’ve got your garden in and now you just need to take care of it. Like all of us, plants are going to require a lot of water this month!  Watering is probably the biggest issue when it comes to gardening problems. People tend to overwater or they just forget to water. Luckily, plants are usually resilient and can bounce back with proper care.  How should you water? When you water your plants, it’s always best to water the soil and try to avoid wetting the foliage and flowers. Watering the plant itself is a way to encourage disease. It’s important to water…

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    It is June which means it’s time to go outside and have fun (safely this year)! You may be celebrating your graduate, your father, or just the end of the longest winter/spring in history! No matter what the reason, you have earned the right to enjoy time outside, and the last thing you deserve is some pesky bugs nipping at you. If you would rather avoid showering yourself and your loved ones with chemicals, here are some alternatives that will reduce the number of mosquitoes in attendance at your celebration. CITRONELLA First things first, everyone knows about “citronella.” But what many people call citronella plant is not what produces citronella…

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    Things You CAN Do Right Now!

    Oh, Coronavirus. What to do, what to do? Here at Garden Shack Farm we are temporarily distancing ourselves from society so that we don’t potentially, unknowingly, spread a virus that could be a death sentence to someone. If everyone does their best to keep to themselves now this craziness should pass sooner and with less craziness, ideally just in time for our opening day! Fingers crossed. While there are a number of things you shouldn’t and even can’t do right now, we’ve compiled a list of things you CAN do while you’re waiting out the Great COVID-19 Quarantine. Start Seeds • Start some seeds indoors. Grow some basil, or any…

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    Classic Privacy Screening with Arborvitae

    Spring is on the way! You might say we never even had a winter this year and that is fine by me. Warm winters are great for doing things outside! But you will need to keep an eye out for increased insect and disease pressures, especially if we are treated to a wet spring. We will get into all of that later, but let’s talk about privacy. Lots of construction, new homes, new neighbors, noise happening around here these days! You get it. Now maybe you need to screen some of that off. We’ll be spending more time outside as we get more sunshine, and do you really want to…

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    In Delaware, Zone 7, spring has officially sprung. The average last frost date for our county is today, April 9, and looking at the forecast, we just may be safe from further freezing. Break out your shorts! (My cryophilic teenage son never put his away!) Of course, as anxious, antsy, and ambitious as spring weather makes people, it is still too early to plant annual flowers and summer vegetables around here. Growing up, living in plant zone 6, I remember everyone saying you had to wait until Mother’s Day to plant flowers. (And you certainly couldn’t wear white until Memorial Day!) Planting annual flowers isn’t actually a date on your…

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    What kind of mulch is right for you?

    Spring has arrived! That means flowers, sprouts, birds, and warmth! But also it means yard work! I recently read about changing your attitude from negative to positive by thinking instead of “have to,” think “get to.” So rather than “I have to mow the lawn and it’s hot and loud and messy” (of course if you hate it that much you might want to consider killing your lawn), say, “I get to mow the lawn and be outside in the sunshine, get vitamin D, and smell springtime.” Consider yourself lucky you have a yard where you can also play and relax, lucky it isn’t cold and snowing, and lucky you are…