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    In the Garden

    7 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Garden

    Can you believe it’s the middle of autumn?  Looking outside at my brown garden I can!  Perhaps you, like me, welcome the change of all the seasons, and you are ready to relax in front of a fire and not worry about weeding. Maybe you have never considered having a garden to begin with and you have no idea what you’re missing. Possibly gardening is your favorite activity and/or you are already missing homegrown vegetables (I am!)  Or, perhaps, you’ve tried to grow a garden and feel like you’ve failed miserably. Whatever situation you are in, you should start thinking about having a garden as soon as Mother Nature will…

  • In the Family

    The People Behind The Plants

    Hello out there! We are excited to launch this brand new online journal as a way to keep in touch with our customers, readers, and friends and to share helpful ideas! We’re doing it in this format so the information will be easy to find online whenever you need it. We covered the basics in the “about us” section, but we’ll tell you a little bit more here in case you’re interested in who we are. We are Tom and Laura Kucharik, and we live on a small farm with our plant nursery and a bunch of hens (a big bunch) in coastal southern Delaware with our three children, ages 7,…