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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in October

    October is my favorite month. It’s the best. The annoying bugs go away, leaves begin to change color, humidity abates, and pumpkins abound. You can stop mowing the lawn very soon. You get to open the windows and let the fresh fall air in. If the air is chilly, you can put on a sweater and sit by a fire. What could be better? It is also, hands down, the best time to plant. It just makes sense: the air is cooler; the soil is still warm. Trees, shrubs, perennials, turf grass, you name it, you can plant it in October (well, not warm weather annuals, but you get the…

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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in September

    September is the beginning of meteorological autumn and time to start thinking about apples, school, and pumpkin-spiced everything. So far the weather seems cooperative enough and the days will get shorter, cooler, and crisper. Here are five things you can knock out in the garden while the weather is pleasant this September: 1. Plant fall veggies. Leafy greens will love the cooler weather. In the right sunny spot, greens can produce even in winter.  Once your summer vegetable garden finishes up, clear it out and send it to the compost pile.  2. Control weeds. Fall annuals like chickweed will be popping up now. Pull them out and mulch or use…

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    Things You CAN Do Right Now!

    Oh, Coronavirus. What to do, what to do? Here at Garden Shack Farm we are temporarily distancing ourselves from society so that we don’t potentially, unknowingly, spread a virus that could be a death sentence to someone. If everyone does their best to keep to themselves now this craziness should pass sooner and with less craziness, ideally just in time for our opening day! Fingers crossed. While there are a number of things you shouldn’t and even can’t do right now, we’ve compiled a list of things you CAN do while you’re waiting out the Great COVID-19 Quarantine. Start Seeds • Start some seeds indoors. Grow some basil, or any…

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    Classic Privacy Screening with Arborvitae

    Spring is on the way! You might say we never even had a winter this year and that is fine by me. Warm winters are great for doing things outside! But you will need to keep an eye out for increased insect and disease pressures, especially if we are treated to a wet spring. We will get into all of that later, but let’s talk about privacy. Lots of construction, new homes, new neighbors, noise happening around here these days! You get it. Now maybe you need to screen some of that off. We’ll be spending more time outside as we get more sunshine, and do you really want to…

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    It’s March! You’ve almost made it through the winter. It has been said that April is the cruelest month, but around here March is such a tease with warm weather one day, a blizzard the next, the first day of spring, and then a deep frost. Such a meanie, getting our hopes up! And then there’s that wind, blowing you away! Here are some things you should do in this busy landscape month, even if the weather is more lion than lamb. 1. If you haven’t planted your cool season crops, let’s do it! It’s time for fresh salads, cruciferous veggies, and root crops. It’s also time to start seeds…

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    Should you kill your lawn?

    How green is your grass? First of all, I want to say that I love turf grass. I love my lawn. I really love my lawn this time of year because it doesn’t need to be mowed. There are many benefits to having a nice lawn. Lawns have a cooling effect, produce oxygen, provide a safe playing surface for children of all ages, prevent erosion, help filter out pollutants, and the list can go on and on, depending on who you talk to. The question becomes whether or not the energy and resources put into maintaining a lawn is worth it. To apply one inch of water to a lawn,…

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    Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden In February

    It’s February, the heart of the winter. Today is going to be nearly sixty degrees in southern Delaware so I would like to take a nice walk in the state park.But no way! I’ve got roses to prune. Winter is a good time to take care of the roses. Prune off the previous year’s growth. You can go way back to just above the wood of the cane.  I also like to take a close look at our clients’ trees and shrubs for storm damage and disease. It’s a great time to prune, prune, prune. Don’t be afraid to spend a couple of bucks and call in an arborist for…

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    Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden In January

    Oh boy it is January! Does anyone feel like working outside in January? Well, you probably have this image of the wind howling, snow drifting up against the patio door, a raging fire in the fireplace. Here in Delaware we do get snow but it usually doesn’t hang around. Now, I understand that other parts of our great nation do, more than likely, resemble the blizzard-like description above. Well, you have to get outside those four walls at some point before you go nutty, so what to do? 1 Shovel the snow is the obvious answer. Duh, what are you waiting for?  No, pass the hot cocoa.  How about just…