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    How to boost your immune system

    ‘Tis the season to be stuffy!  Keeping yourself and your family healthy during germ season is not easy.  It can add stress to a season that should be peaceful and joyful!  How can you boost your immune system? I will preface this by saying that I am not a doctor, nor do I play one online. I am just a mom, a mother with three kids. These three kids go to school, play with friends, do extracurricular activities, and are exposed to many germs. My older two kids were sick so much in elementary school. Seriously, in kindergarten, they had something every month, and they were the healthy kids in the class! …

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    Get Christmas Spirit with these Christmas Song Games

    Earlier this week I posted dessert recipes for the upcoming holidays, which is kind of off-topic for this journal. This is about trying to live healthier, more active lives. But I just couldn’t resist sharing something related to Christmas, and everyone is allowed to go off-topic and indulge once in a while! I’m going to share one more holiday post that you can share with your family and friends because we all need a little more Christmas spirit. Then we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled outdoor / gardening / travel / family fun!Here are two games you can play while traveling to Grandma’s house, around the tree while drinking…

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    8 Christmas Dessert Recipes You Will Love

    Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?  My youngest one has the countdown going and each morning she enthusiastically reports how many days are left.  I know it’s exciting for Christmas to come, but I really like enjoying the whole season and making it last. One of my favorite traditions is baking with family and friends.  Although we really try to eat healthy all year, we just can’t resist baking our traditional desserts this month.  Sugar gets added as a food group in December.  The truth is that we just love making them, and we always set aside at least one day to spend making treats, which we usually share…

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    Top 5 Things To Do With Your Family in December

    Each month, we would like to throw out some activity ideas you may want to use to get your family together and ideally outside, active, or, at the minimum, away from technology. Most of the ideas will be for families of all ages.  If you have no nearby family, get your friends together. Lifestyles are becoming too sedentary and people are becoming too self-absorbed (in my very own opinion, ha ha). One of our goals with this website is to bring people together, and spending time with family and/or friends is one of life’s greatest joys. Because it is the holiday season, most of this month’s ideas are based on…

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    Gardeners Will Love These Gift Ideas

    Are you shopping for a gardener?  This time of year it is hard to look outside and get inspiration and ideas for gardeners. Luckily for you, gardening is what we do year round, so we’ve got some gift ideas for gardeners in your life! NOTE: Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links, which means if you click on these links and make a purchase, Garden Shack Farm will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  We only recommend items we love, and we appreciate your support in this way! MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION A gardening magazine is a wonderful tool for inspiration and education, especially in…

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    Best Gift Ideas To Inspire People To Get Active

    ‘Tis the season for people everywhere to start thinking about what to buy those special (and not-so-special) someones on their list. Everywhere you look you’ll be bombarded with annoying advertisements for “the hottest” gifts around. I usually try to encourage people to give gifts of their time or talent because everyone seems to have plenty of stuff junking up the space around them. Additionally, experiences (especially shared experiences) actually make people happier than things do. But it’s more difficult to put together a gift of time, and it’s a process.  You can’t just wrap up an experience and hand it over. You still have to follow through, and people are…

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    The People Behind The Plants

    Hello out there! We are excited to launch this brand new online journal as a way to keep in touch with our customers, readers, and friends and to share helpful ideas! We’re doing it in this format so the information will be easy to find online whenever you need it. We covered the basics in the “about us” section, but we’ll tell you a little bit more here in case you’re interested in who we are. We are Tom and Laura Kucharik, and we live on a small farm with our plant nursery and a bunch of hens (a big bunch) in coastal southern Delaware with our three children, ages 7,…