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    How To Keep Perennials Alive Over the Winter

    Want to keep your perennials in containers alive through the winter?  They are definitely easier to kill than their counterparts in the ground. The ground insulates and protects plants more than a container does. If you would like to keep your potted perennials for next year we’ve got tips that should help you. Choose the right pot for perennials The bigger the pot, the more likely you will be successful overwintering. This is because there is a larger volume of soil in a bigger container to help insulate the roots, which protects them from freezing and desiccating. Be sure the container material can withstand freezing temperatures. Water plants before the…

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    Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden In November

    We’ll start each month with a list of the top 5 things you should do outside in your garden that month to keep your garden healthy, your property looking great, and your mind free from worry!  It can be a source of stress when your yard is overrun with weeds or leaves, but your outdoor space should be just the opposite. One of our main goals here is to inspire and help you to make your outdoor space the place you want to spend the most time, the place you can get away from all the mind pollution the world is throwing at you, your escape. We also want it…

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    7 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Garden

    Can you believe it’s the middle of autumn?  Looking outside at my brown garden I can!  Perhaps you, like me, welcome the change of all the seasons, and you are ready to relax in front of a fire and not worry about weeding. Maybe you have never considered having a garden to begin with and you have no idea what you’re missing. Possibly gardening is your favorite activity and/or you are already missing homegrown vegetables (I am!)  Or, perhaps, you’ve tried to grow a garden and feel like you’ve failed miserably. Whatever situation you are in, you should start thinking about having a garden as soon as Mother Nature will…