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    I know it’s February and you may be thinking, “Seriously, Maine?” I realize that as I write this article, temperatures in Maine are in the single digits and the ground is covered in snow. No one is saying you should move there! It can take a while to plan a trip, so I’m suggesting that you should start planning one. There is a reason Maine has been called Vacationland for decades. I recommend going to Maine in the summer or fall, when it is breathtakingly gorgeous there. Tom and I have been to Maine three times, twice together. We each went to Maine with our parents in August 1982, 15…

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    What is the best way to camp?

    You know I think camping in a camper is the best way to travel, but camping in general offers most of the same great benefits. We highly recommend traveling and camping to everyone who is able to get away. We are thrilled with our little travel trailer camper, but we can see there are pros and cons to every form of camping. What is the best way to camp? People have different needs, different goals, and different budgets. Which one is right is for you? TENT:  $15 – $2000 Let’s start with basics. For the diehard outdoorsy types, this is the only way to camp and going any further in…

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    5 Best Reasons To Visit Delaware

    It’s the new year and that means it’s time to make plans! Do you have plans to travel this year? Each month we will pick a state we’ve enjoyed and recommend our top 5 places to visit in that state. We feel compelled to start with our home state of Delaware because we love it, and it is a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation (9 million people a year can’t be wrong)! Since most people ask, “Dela-where?” here are some facts about our state: • Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, on December 7, 1787. • Delaware is the second-smallest state in the nation and…

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    Why Camper Camping Is The Best Way To Travel

    My husband and I each have fond childhood memories of traveling the east coast with our individual families. My family always stayed in motels or with friends, and his family traveled with a truck camper. He may or may not have stories of laying on the overhead bed, looking out the front window while riding down the road at 55 miles per hour…. From the time I met him, he has talked about camper camping being the best way to travel. We traveled sporadically before we had kids, but once my father passed away, we suddenly realized how short life is.  We made enjoying life together a priority. At the…