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Gardeners Will Love These Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for a gardener?  This time of year it is hard to look outside and get inspiration and ideas for gardeners. Luckily for you, gardening is what we do year round, so we’ve got some gift ideas for gardeners in your life!

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A gardening magazine is a wonderful tool for inspiration and education, especially in the winter when gardeners have some downtime.  They can use what they see and learn to plan for the upcoming seasons.  Birds and Blooms, Country Gardens, and  Mother Earth News are some of my favorites, but Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living are classics.  There are many more to choose.  Make sure they join our online journal here at as well!

garden center nursery flowersGIFT CARD TO LOCAL NURSERY

There’s probably nothing a gardener likes more than shopping for plants.  We don’t offer gift cards, but most local nurseries do, and this is a gift they will definitely appreciate.


Every gardener needs pruners at some point in the season, and most gardeners use these weekly.  We have been using these pruners for decades and they are the best in our opinion!


If you aren’t a gardener you may think this is silly.  But a wagon, especially one that dumps, is useful in so many ways. It will be used to collect branches, weeds, and brush; move plants, soil, and compost; and haul tools, decor, and everything too heavy to carry.

gardener giftsSUN HAT

Tom doesn’t leave home without his sun hat with a protective flap for preventing neck burn (the flap folds up when not in use). (He’s wearing it in most of our vacation photos as well!)  They make some practical but more fashionable ones for women.


Keep the party going year round!  An indoor herb garden is a great way to garden in the winter.  The herbs grown also have health benefits and can be used in cooking.


Every gardener needs to water, but may not want to spend the money on a durable, good quality watering can.  It could make a nice gift basket filled with seeds, gloves, or other gardening goodies.

chicken shoesGARDEN SHOES

I am so happy I found these garden shoes – no more wet feet or ruined shoes!  (True, the chicken design sold me, but the practicality will keep me coming back!)  They make boots as well, but I love being able to slip these on and off.  A customer who has a pair told me she throws these in the washing machine as well!


Heavy-duty gardening can be strenuous no matter your physical condition. A stool like this with a built-in kneeler can help a gardener get up off the ground, be more comfortable, sit down and rest, and hold all his or her tools!


You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate this: your own greenhouse!  There is nowhere better to be when it’s cold outside (except maybe on a tropical beach). This will allow the serious gardener to get a jump start on the seasons and grow vegetables and flowers longer.


These living walls are taking houseplants and wall art to new levels. They can be used indoors or outdoors to add oxygen, color, and life to otherwise dull spots.


A compost tumbler would be a great gift for anyone serious about gardening or going green, because this takes the work out of it.


Who doesn’t love personalized gifts? Give them a garden stone with a cute saying or their name or a customized sign to display in their garden.


I hope this list has helped you find that perfect gift or at least sparked some ideas for you!  Don’t forget, you could always give a gift of your time.  A gardener would love the gift of help with weeding, pruning, or boring old grass cutting!  Maybe you are talented enough to build a raised garden bed or a unique planter.  Those gifts would also be appreciated.  If you are a gardener, what are you hoping to receive?

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