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The People Behind The Plants

Hello out there! We are excited to launch this brand new online journal as a way to keep in touch with our customers, readers, and friends and to share helpful ideas! We’re doing it in this format so the information will be easy to find online whenever you need it.

We covered the basics in the “about us” section, but we’ll tell you a little bit more here in case you’re interested in who we are. We are Tom and Laura Kucharik, and we live on a small farm with our plant nursery and a bunch of hens (a big bunch) in coastal southern Delaware with our three children, ages 7, 13, and 16. It would be great to say that both of us will be sharing information via posts, but although Tom is a great writer and definitely the more knowledgeable one, the reality is that he’s the one who works full time. Additionally, he’s the one the kids prefer to get to do things because he’s the fun one, so most likely, you will be hearing from me (Laura) much more often! I’m sure I will get plenty of input from him though, whether I want it or not!

My background is in printing, publishing, and marketing.  I have also been a freelance proofreader (If you find any mistakes in my writing, PLEASE let me know! Grammar errors and typos make me nuts!).  Tom has been running his landscaping company for 25 years. He really loves to grow plants and has for most of his life. He grew plants and sold them in front of his parents’ house to put himself through college.  Tom graduated with a degree in agribusiness/ horticulture.  He has continued his education throughout his career and is now a Certified Nursery Professional.

We were married in February 2000. When we got married, we knew a few things: We were staying married, we wanted children, we wanted to travel, and we wanted to grow plants for a living. We were lucky that the first two came pretty easily. Traveling took a backseat while the older kids were little, but we were surprised to find that the last one was the most difficult by far, due to regulations and red tape, coupled with lack of land and lack of money to buy land in our expensive resort area!  By lucky accident we played the real estate game, buying and selling three houses before we were able to move to our current small farm.  It was 2013 before we were able to really get growing.  I found that I love growing plants as much as Tom does and quickly jumped on board in our nursery, learning so much “on the job.”  There is nothing better than a greenhouse full of life!

I’m more of an “Eat dessert first” kind of person and Tom is more of a “Will there still be dinner if we eat dessert first?” kind of person, but we balance each other out and try to not make each other crazy. We’ve lost 3 of our 4 parents to cancer, so we have come to realize that time is really the only thing of value in life. We want to spend it with our family and friends. In 2012, we purchased a small camper and finally started traveling. We made a goal to visit all the lower 48 states as a family. As of right now, we’re 5/8 of the way there (that’s 30 states for those of you with math skills as bad as Tom’s). We have some traveling plans for the next few years, so stay tuned because we will probably be sharing our adventures here!

Mostly we will be talking about gardening, but we’ll also throw in things like ideas for getting your family outside, traveling tips, and of course, we’ll keep you up to date on what the crazy hens are doing around the farm! If we can help you with anything, we welcome suggestions for topics we can cover, and we also hope you’ll leave comments on our posts! Our mission is to be your go-to place for sharing and advice you can use.  We want to help you live a great life outside!  Thanks so much for reading and welcome to our community!

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