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    Top 5 Things to Do in your Garden in October

    October is my favorite month. It’s the best. The annoying bugs go away, leaves begin to change color, humidity abates, and pumpkins abound. You can stop mowing the lawn very soon. You get to open the windows and let the fresh fall air in. If the air is chilly, you can put on a sweater and sit by a fire. What could be better? It is also, hands down, the best time to plant. It just makes sense: the air is cooler; the soil is still warm. Trees, shrubs, perennials, turf grass, you name it, you can plant it in October (well, not warm weather annuals, but you get the…

  • In the Garden

    Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden In November

    We’ll start each month with a list of the top 5 things you should do outside in your garden that month to keep your garden healthy, your property looking great, and your mind free from worry!  It can be a source of stress when your yard is overrun with weeds or leaves, but your outdoor space should be just the opposite. One of our main goals here is to inspire and help you to make your outdoor space the place you want to spend the most time, the place you can get away from all the mind pollution the world is throwing at you, your escape. We also want it…