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    On the Farm

    How To Get Started Raising Backyard Chickens

    In my post from November, I discussed why you should have backyard chickens (even if they’re in your front/side yard like ours) and all the benefits of having chickens. If that got you thinking you should raise some chickens, here are the details of how to get started raising backyard chickens! First step: Find out if you are allowed to keep hens in your town or neighborhood. If you are not, work with your town or homeowners’ association to have it changed!  There are many ways to compromise so that neighbors avoid what they don’t want but you get what you want: chickens and eggs! • For example, you can…

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    On the Farm

    Why You Need To Have Backyard Chickens

    If you follow us on social media, you KNOW we have chickens. (If you don’t follow us, why not? 😉 We do post about other things too!) Having backyard chickens is a subject a mere five years ago I knew nothing about. Now I could talk for hours about having chickens! It all started with our 11-year-old son who was allergic to eggs but completely fascinated by them (yes, that is his personality… heaven help us!). He wanted to get chickens and sell their eggs. We had just moved to our farm and planned to open the nursery, so we thought why not sell eggs as well? We did some research,…