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Top 5 Things To Do With Your Family In February

things to do with your family

Go outside and play

Bundle up and go build a snowman! Make snow angels, go sledding, or throw snowballs! If you’re lucky and there’s none of that dreaded white stuff around, go outside and challenge your family shooting some hoops, playing football, or just playing a game of catch (that’s my speed). It’s a great cure for the cabin fever that sets in this time of year!

Make Valentines

Even if you don’t have crayons, construction paper, and glitter in your house, you can still get creative. Make Valentines out of whatever you’ve got (my father was famous for writing humorous and inspirational words in a spiral on plain old paper plates). Give or send them to loved ones, friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, or anyone else you appreciate having in your life. Alternately, you could leave them somewhere to be found by a specific person, or you could place them to be found by random people to put a smile on their faces.

botanical garden conservatory
We visited the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne over Christmas vacation. It was a toasty way to spend a blustery day!

Get active inside

If you don’t like the cold weather but you don’t want to be cooped up in your house, go check out a museum, arboretum, or conservatory, go bowling, or go swimming at an indoor pool. You could try an escape room, indoor miniature golf, or good old-fashioned roller skating. Do something you might not want to “waste” beautiful weather doing.

Plan a vacation

Get the family together and brainstorm plans for a future trip, even if it’s just a weekend away. You can research locations online and find places to stay, things to do, the area’s weather, and local cuisine. You can also map out routes or check airfare. Everyone could be assigned a particular area to plan, or you can do it all together. It will give all of you something to work toward and look forward to.

Plan your spring garden

Spring WILL arrive before long! Get together and find out what everyone would like to grow this year. You could research and try growing new plants or grow the same favorites. Decide if you will have one garden for the family to share or if you’ll divide up the garden with each person planting, tending, weeding, and harvesting their own crops. When each of my children have their own area of the garden, they take care of it better. They are also more likely to eat what they produce. (And, if someone pulls up their own carrot way before it’s ready, no one else can get upset about it…. may or may not have happened here.) Decide if you want to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, and/or herbs. Also figure out if you will plant any new trees or shrubs, and where you will put everything. Decide if you will grow your plants from seed or buy babies from the nursery. If using seed, now is the time to order them for spring planting. Thinking about all the green that will arrive in March helps get through the February blahs!

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