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Top 5 Things To Do In Your Garden In January

things to do in your garden this monthOh boy it is January! Does anyone feel like working outside in January? Well, you probably have this image of the wind howling, snow drifting up against the patio door, a raging fire in the fireplace. Here in Delaware we do get snow but it usually doesn’t hang around. Now, I understand that other parts of our great nation do, more than likely, resemble the blizzard-like description above.

Well, you have to get outside those four walls at some point before you go nutty, so what to do?

1 Shovel the snow is the obvious answer. Duh, what are you waiting for?  No, pass the hot cocoa.  How about just heading out to the garage or shop and get that machine ready so that it works when the snow arrives? …Just a friendly reminder. We can get freaky snowstorms here in Delaware and once I got caught unprepared. That will never happen again.

garden tools2 January is a great time to work on any and all outdoor power equipment you may have.  Sharpen blades, change oil, paint, stain, etc.

3 If we get a few nice days you may want to take care of some pruning that you’ve let slide. Just stay away from anything that flowers in the spring like azalea and forsythia, for example.

4 Feed the birds. Laura and I spent our first winter together in a small cottage apartment in the woods.  It snowed a lot that winter and I remember watching the birds!  What?!  How bored were we before kids?!  Nooo. It was cool.  Of course, there weren’t smartphones and WiFi back then either. Now, a bird book from the Audubon Society with lots of good color pictures can keep a little noisemaker occupied for a little while. Sit by the window closest to the feeder and see how many different birds you can identify. Keep a journal. Hey, some kids will tirelessly search for four-leafed clovers. Birds are more interesting. Twenty minutes of quiet is better than no quiet, am I right? It’s something other than a device too, which can’t hurt.

5 Build birdhouses and feeders. Kits can be purchased or you can go for it freestyle. Birds won’t complain. There is something about the hole size and location of the house when it comes to attracting certain species so read up on that first if you decide to ‘wing’ it.

5a Now if you are really ambitious and you don’t live in an area that sees a lot of sustained wintery precipitation or has a deep frost line, you could try your hand at laying pavers. I mean you have to be REALLY ambitious. It may seem a little crazy for winter but that depends on where you live. A lot of professional landscapers try and get these types of projects done in the off-season to keep crews busy. It may be a good time to hire this type of work out if you prefer watching people lay pavers.

I hope you have a great January regardless of what you do or don’t do. It’s the first month of the new year and a great time to start spending some time outside. (Maybe not as much as May or June, but still)  😉

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