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Things You CAN Do Right Now!

Oh, Coronavirus. What to do, what to do?

Here at Garden Shack Farm we are temporarily distancing ourselves from society so that we don’t potentially, unknowingly, spread a virus that could be a death sentence to someone. If everyone does their best to keep to themselves now this craziness should pass sooner and with less craziness, ideally just in time for our opening day! Fingers crossed.

While there are a number of things you shouldn’t and even can’t do right now, we’ve compiled a list of things you CAN do while you’re waiting out the Great COVID-19 Quarantine.

potted basil herb

Start Seeds

• Start some seeds indoors. Grow some basil, or any herbs or vegetable plants. If you have kids get them involved. Grow something they can plant outside when it warms up that they will like to eat. This is hands-on science class and family time all in one. Why not?

Plan Your Garden

• Draw a diagram of the amazing flower and veggie gardens you are going to plant! If you don’t have room for a traditional in-ground garden (or even if you do!) Laura has a whole online course about container gardening that will definitely help you out. It’s a quarantine special at $39 and you can watch and rewatch it endlessly and keep all the notes. You and the kids can learn a few things.

container garden flowers

Get Your Garden Ready

• After that, go outside and actually pace out your plot. Dig your garden NOW. Add your needed soil amendments and let them soak in the soil. Edge your landscape beds. Put your pre-emergent in and then go ahead and mulch. Get it done now and it’s one less thing to worry about. The temperatures are cool and the soil is damp and easy to dig. It’s almost a guarantee you’ll feel great! Plus, science has shown that just being outside helps eliminate viruses.

Organize Supplies

• Do an inventory of your garden tools and supplies! Go through your shed or garage and take a look at the flower pots, fertilizers, bug sprays, and whatever other tools and garden gadgets you’ve acquired over the years. What the heck is that thing anyway? Organize, clean, and make a list of things you may need.

Visit Us Afterwards

• Then on April 1st head over to Garden Shack Farm and get your cool weather veggies, some perennials, soil amendments, other garden supplies, and some gardening advice if you need it. The annuals will be ready shortly thereafter! We have plenty of room for social distancing, and our plants are healthy!

Stay Healthy

Keep washing your hands and thinking sunny thoughts!


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