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things to do in your garden this month

It’s March! You’ve almost made it through the winter. It has been said that April is the cruelest month, but around here March is such a tease with warm weather one day, a blizzard the next, the first day of spring, and then a deep frost. Such a meanie, getting our hopes up! And then there’s that wind, blowing you away!

Here are some things you should do in this busy landscape month, even if the weather is more lion than lamb.

1. If you haven’t planted your cool season crops, let’s do it! It’s time for fresh salads, cruciferous veggies, and root crops. It’s also time to start seeds indoors for your herbs, some summer vegetables, and annual flowers! We’re so close to warm sunny days!

2. Walk around your yard and finish up any pruning you may need to do. Get plants off of the siding and out of your gutters. Plenty of air should be able to move around your home. Just do not prune your azaleas or other spring flowering plants now though. It seems obvious, but I have to say it.

3. Clean out and edge those landscape beds. You have put it off long enough now; get out there and get it done. Use a heavy metal spade to cut a nice crisp edge along the bed edges and rake out all the detritus from the winter, even the old chips of wood from the mulch.

4. Fertilize and use pre-emergent in your landscape beds. Now is a great time to put your weed preventer down. You’ve got those beds cleaned out and weed-free so save yourself some time later when it will be hot. Do this NOW and follow it up by mulching your landscape beds. It is not too early! If the weather is nice in March, you will be done with this and can spend more time on the veggie gardens in April and May.

5. Once the forsythia start to bloom you should have your lawn fertilizer and crabgrass preventer down. Make sure you read the label and follow it closely. Use a rotary spreader to help avoid striping. Rotary broadcast spreaders are much more forgiving than drop spreaders for doing lawns.

And 5a. If you haven’t already, get your lawn mower ready with sharp blades, fresh oil, and fuel. Mowing usually begins the first week of April around here and it will be that time before you know it!

Don’t blow away, and keep your eyes on the prizes: spring and summer! They will be arriving soon, and it will be much easier to enjoy being outside, especially if the work has been done.

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