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Top 5 Things To Do With Your Family in December

things to do with your familyEach month, we would like to throw out some activity ideas you may want to use to get your family together and ideally outside, active, or, at the minimum, away from technology. Most of the ideas will be for families of all ages.  If you have no nearby family, get your friends together. Lifestyles are becoming too sedentary and people are becoming too self-absorbed (in my very own opinion, ha ha). One of our goals with this website is to bring people together, and spending time with family and/or friends is one of life’s greatest joys. Because it is the holiday season, most of this month’s ideas are based on our family’s traditions.  But it is our hope that you will celebrate with your loved ones however you do, as much as you can!  Here are the top 5 things to do with your family in December!

1. I love nearly everything about December (it’s my birth month too), but probably my favorite tradition is sending and receiving Christmas cards. It’s like getting presents in your mailbox every day. We display the cards around the house and the whole family loves hearing from family and friends near and far. We also spend some time brainstorming crazy (but holiday-related) ideas for our own card to send out each year. That is always fun!  Sadly, the number of cards received has declined over the years.  I believe that is due to electronic activities and people just being too busy. (Or maybe, our cards just freaked them out too much?) Anyway, no matter what holiday you celebrate, I invite you to send an actual card to your loved ones this month with actual handwriting or at least personalized words on it.

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Our Christmas card from 2014 – one of my favorite cards.

2. When it comes to outdoor lights for the holidays, I say more is more. (This apparently is a genetic trait I received from my father.  I cannot help myself.) The lights don’t have to flash or be set to music; I just love lights in the cold dark nights. Find an area with a lot of decorative lights or a large holiday display, bring a hot beverage, bundle up, and walk around with people you enjoy! If the lights are too spread out, pick a night and drive around in your pajamas, hot chocolate in hand! christmas lights

3. If you live in a cold area or have a rink near you, go ice skating. It’s a lot of fun, even if you, like me, are learning as an adult. If you don’t have access to a rink, just get outside for a walk. If you dress appropriately for the weather, you usually don’t notice the temperature. Take your dog or volunteer to take your busy neighbor’s dog to make it more fun.

4. Have a BBQ and bonfire in your backyard! Find a brave soul to grill up some good protein, invite your friends, have drinks and s’mores. Sitting by the fire is nice inside, but outside it is invigorating! No one said the outdoor fun has to end because it’s almost winter!

5. When our loved ones get together for the holidays, I always suggest our (well maybe “my”) favorite game – charades! Decades ago I made a bag of holiday-related themes specifically to get us moving instead of being stuck in that after-the-big-meal stupor. My family always groans when I bring it out, but before long we are usually laughing hysterically.  There are plenty of games to get people up, talking, and moving!  Catch Phrase, HedBanz, and Pictionary (affiliate links) are other fun games we often play with friends.


This coming month it may be harder than usual to get outside due to the weather. But with the chaos that December holidays bring, it is more important than ever to allow yourself and your loved ones sanity breaks!

Please feel free to share your favorite traditions with us!  Do you have any other inspiration for getting outside this month?

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