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Think Spring With These Unique Planter Ideas

Who is thinking about their spring garden in the middle of the winter blahs?  We are!  Here is something you can actually DO right now to get ready for spring planting.  Look around your house (in your attic, in your basement, in your cabinet, under your bed), your garage, and your property.   See if there is anything you can repurpose as a planter to place on your porch, to stick in your garden, to hang on a fence, or to put on your patio. Don’t be afraid to get out the spray paint and/or stencils to change the look of something.  Clean out whatever you’re using before filling it, and be sure to drill a few small drainage holes!

Here are some unique planter ideas, and you probably have some around that you aren’t using.  Many of these are items you could find for next to nothing at thrift shops, yard sales, and antique stores, so maybe this is a good excuse to go shopping!

  • basket
  • barrel
  • bathtub
  • bike basket
  • bird bath
  • bird cage
  • bird house
  • boat
  • boot
  • bucket (plastic or metal)
  • chandelier
  • cinder blocks
  • colander
  • cooking pot
  • cooler
  • drawer
  • grill
  • hollowed out log
  • hollowed out tree stump
  • jugs
  • kiddie pool
  • laundry basket
  • lunch box
  • mailbox
  • metal drum
  • paint can
  • pockets
  • purse
  • recycled tire
  • sink
  • suitcase
  • teapot
  • toilet
  • toolbox
  • trash can
  • trough
  • wagon
  • wheelbarrow

Anything that can hold soil with an opening for a plant can be a planter.  Unique planters make great focal points or conversation pieces in your garden!  Drop us a comment if you have any other cool ideas, or share a picture if  you’ve already tried something crafty!   For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Unique Planters board on Garden Shack Farm’s Pinterest page.  You can’t grow wrong!

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